Shine Your Knight Light

Newspaper Club

JMI Knightly Times Newspaper Club 

The school newspaper, the JMI Knightly Times, is a club open to fifth grade students. This club allows fifth graders the opportunity to utilize their writing skills and creativity to create our school newspaper. Club members will cover school events, current events, travel, entertainment, and human interest stories. The newspaper club advisors will select approximately twenty (20) newspaper staff members based on their responses to the newspaper application as well as their adherence to the application deadline. Newspaper staff will be responsible for publishing four (4) issues of the JMI Knightly Times during the school year and meet approximately two (2) times per month during their lunch period. In addition, newspaper staff members will be responsible for researching, writing, editing, and typing their articles. Newspaper staff members will have an opportunity to work on their articles during meeting times: however, work must be completed at home and submitted to the advisors by the specified deadlines. If you enjoy writing, we encourage you to take the time to fill out an application to join this club.


Mr. Cherence, Advisor


Mrs. Coscarelli, Advisor