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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

In order to maintain a safe environment for our ENTIRE JMI community, please adhere to the following procedures for arrival and dismissal:


 Staff members are on post starting at 8:30 AM. For your child's safety, please do not have children waiting on school property unattended. Students arrive at school in any of the following five categories:

  1.  Walk – Students must use crosswalks and walk on sidewalks on their way to school. 

  2.  Bike – Students must wear a helmet, walk their bikes in crosswalks and on JMI’s sidewalks, and lock their bikes to the bike rack.

  3.  Park & Walk – Parents/Guardians can park in any designated parking space. Please do not create parking spaces, double-park or block other cars. Students and their parents can cross the streets to walk to the school using the crosswalks.

  4.  Drop-Off – To ensure the safety of our children, all parents are reminded to follow the procedures for dropping off and picking up their child(ren):

    •  The outside lane, which is the lane closest to the two schools, is for buses only.  The inner lane is reserved for parents dropping students off at JMI.  

    •  A staff member will be on duty in the morning from 8:30–9:00 AM to assist children in crossing the bus lane.  

    •  Please pull all the way up and follow the JMI staff members' directions to allow as many cars to drop off as possible.

    •  For their safety, students must exit on the passenger side only. 

  5. Bus Students who take the bus should be at the bus stop at least an hour before school starts. 

Starting at 8:30, students will enter the building through door 1. From 8:30 – 8:45, students will wait in the Multi-Purpose Room and proceed to their homerooms at 8:45. From 8:45 – 9:00, bus students and all students in grade 3 will enter through Door 1, and students in grades 4 and 5 will enter through Door 6.


 According to the school clock, all exterior doors will be closed and locked at 9:00 AM. Once the doors are closed, a parent/guardian must sign students into school using their cell phone and the QR code located at Door 1. If your child is late numerous times, there will be a mandatory parent meeting with the Principal and/or District Attendance Officer.



Dogs, or pets of any kind, are not permitted on school grounds during arrival and dismissal. 


 Students are dismissed from school in any of the following four categories:

  1.  Walkers* - Students will be dismissed starting at 3:30 PM. Walkers will be dismissed from Door 6. While it is a parent/guardian choice, elementary-aged students are not recommended to walk home alone. Families with children at JMP are advised to pick up the JMP child first and then come to JMI. 

    • Parent Pick-Up – Parents can pick up their child(ren) from the blacktop as they are dismissed. Since the drop-off lane is CLOSED during dismissal, parents must park their cars in designated parking spots. To show that the JMI/JMP/FDR community is respectful, please do not double-park or block other cars in their spots. 

    • Crossing – To maintain a safe environment for ALL members of the JMI community, everyone must cross at the designated crosswalks. 

    • Parking Lot Safety – While it is a parking lot, everyone must be aware that many adults and children are walking through it. Please proceed with care and caution through the parking lot. 

* Staff members are on post until 3:45 PM. Any student not supervised by a parent by 3:45 PM will report to the main office. For your child's safety, please ensure you have a designated meeting area and that anyone responsible for picking up your child knows exactly where to meet your child.  

  1. ABC – Students who attend the ABC program run by the Edison Recreation Department will be dismissed to a designated classroom until the multi-purpose room is available after bus dismissal.

  2. Bus – Students will be dismissed by grade from their classrooms to the multi-purpose room. Students will remain in the multi-purpose room and will walk out the main doors to board their bus. Students can only ride the bus with a valid bus pass. Students must keep their bus pass in their bookbag every day. 



 The school needs to be notified in writing whenever a student changes his/her daily routine; (i.e. whether the child is not going to ABC, walking instead of being picked up, not taking the bus, going home for lunch, going to someone else’s home after school, someone else other than a parent/guardian picking up the student).  It is best to email the teacher and call the school office. 



  • Students are to sit calmly at all times on the bus.
  • They are to fasten their seat belts and keep them fastened throughout the entire ride; this is a true safety concern. Please reinforce this with your children.
  • Students cannot ride home on another bus to accompany their friends.
  • Bus passes will be checked periodically throughout the school year, so students should ALWAYS keep their bus pass in their book bag.
  • Please be aware that children will not be dropped off without an adult being present at the bus stop.
  • Families will be notified if a bus is running late if it is after 4:00 PM.



Dogs, or pets of any kind, are not permitted on school grounds during arrival and dismissal.