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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

In order to maintain a safe environment for our ENTIRE JMI community, please adhere to the following procedures for arrival and dismissal:



Park and Walk: Parents/Guardians who choose to park their car and walk their child(ren) to the school should only park in designated parking spots. Do not double park or block any other car. Please keep in mind that you are walking through a parking lot and therefore should hold your child's hand. Families are to cross only at the crosswalk. 


Drop-Off: Parents/Guardians who choose to use the drop off can start dropping their child(ren) off at 8:30 AM. Use the designated car lanes and do not interfere with the bus lanes. Please pull all the way up as directed by staff. Parents/Guardians remain in the car and children must be able to get out of the vehicle independently. Children can only exit the vehicle on the passenger side. The drop off will remain open until 9:00 AM. If the front doors of the school are closed, parents/guardians must park their car and walk their child into school. The parent/guardian is responsible for signing the child into school late.


Line Up: All students will enter the building and line up in theMulti-Purpose Room or hallways. Staff will supervise students from 8:30 until they enter their homeroom class at 8:55. Only students will be able to enter the building.



Commuter Option: Parents/Guardians who have children at JMI and JMP can elect to utilize our Commuter Program. JMI students who are part of the commuter program will be walked over to JMP by a staff member. This allows parents to pick up children from both schools in one convenient location. Please complete the Commuter Form (found here) to participate in this program.


Walkers: All students who are considered "walkers" (students who do not take a bus or participate in the ABC program in the school) will be dismissed out of Door #6. Parents/Guardians must meet their child(ren) on the black top. Students who are not picked up by 3:45 will be brought to the main office. Students who choose to remain on school grounds to use the playground MUST have an adult present for supervision.