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Welcome Back Letters from Teachers


Please click on the teacher's name below to read their 2021-2022 Welcome Back To School letters.


Grade 3

Mrs. O'Malley (formerly Ms. DiVila)          Mrs. Videla          Ms. Zadrogra          Mrs. Soto and Mr. Cherence         

Mrs. Elliott (formerly Ms. Petry)          Ms. Sullivan        Ms. Ericksen         Ms. Byington           Ms. Bush


Grade 4

Ms. Geletei and Ms. Gural         Ms. Cafro          Ms. Purnell          Ms. Beni          Ms. Hyun        

Mrs. Kantar          Ms. Adornetto          Ms. Einhorn          Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Knaus (formerly Ms. Hollis and Ms. Siegel)


Grade 5

Mrs. Bowler          Mrs. Coscarelli          Ms. Rutzler          Mr. Hackworth and Ms. Hunter          

Mrs. Benson/Mr. Bonner          Mrs. Nuesa/Mrs. D'Angelo and Mrs. Landrove/Ms. Larino (Mrs. Neri)



Mrs. Peters


Related Arts

Ms. Tarby (Vocal Music)

Sra. Nunez (Spanish)

Mr. Mockoviak (Art)

Mrs. Biscocho (Strings)